Wishful Wednesday

On this Wednesday I pray for you to have appreciation. Sometimes you never know what to be thankful for until it’s gone. So wake up every day and be thankful especially for the little things. Be thankful for the love and support you have from your loved ones. Do not take them for granted. Just think of all the things others do for you that they don’t have to do. Especially if you know they expect nothing in return. That is real love.
Appreciate every blessing you receive. Many people probably have prayed for the blessing that you have received so do not take it lightly. No matter how small it is a blessing either way.
Last but certainly not least, be thankful for the person you are. A lot of us go through life and criticize ourselves about how we look and where we are in life. Whether you see if or not we are all one of a kind and that alone makes us special. You are here for a purpose. Also, you might not be happy with how your life is going but always remember there is always someone that wishes they had your life. Also, know that if you feel unhappy with your situation then you can always change it. Be happy where you are and be glad it can get better as well.
So again please have an appreciation for all that you are and for all that you have. You will wish you did one day if you don’t.


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