None Of Their Business

In today’s society, it’s the new trend to tell all your business on social media. Relationships status, what you eat, what you feel everything etc. Privacy is obsolete these days. I feel like this is a mistake on so many levels. Not only are you opening yourself up to unwanted judgment, but you may also be opening yourself up to danger by putting your every move online.
While sharing with limits may protect you, for the most part, moving in silence is even better. Rise, grind and elevate yourself guarantees your success. You owe it to yourself to keep your privacy. Nobody can protect your life like yourself. Give yourself a fighting chance by protecting your life and your dreams. Think of a lion when he hunts for prey. He’s cool and calculated. He moves in slow and low. He doesn’t want others to see. This helps improve his survival rate. I don’t know about you but I believe I’ll like how the lion thinks. So keep it cool and low-key and move towards your success. #MondayMotivation


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