Your Peace

I must say that life sends us on a rollercoaster ride. As we age our priorities tend to change. At least for me the older I get the more I realize what is important in life. Since I’ve turned 40, I’ve been more worried about self-care and less worried about pleasing others. Especially when it comes to trying to gain the approval of others. I would deal with drama and/or disrespect just to feel like I’m apart of a group or to have a spouse. The fear of being alone kept me from finding peace.
Now I realize that having inner peace and peace around you is more important than fitting in with a crowd or having a spouse. I’m not saying that you should avoid relationships. But what I saying is if the relationship hinders your peace then it’s not worth it. Now no relationship is perfect and you will have disagreements, however, if the negative outweighs the positive then you must make the necessary adjustments to ensure your peace.
Being at peace within yourself is a must as well. When you find peace within yourself it relieves stress and anxiety. You are more likely to keep a clear head. Therefore you can see things as they are instead of going off your emotions. You are also more likely to see your value. No more relying on others to boost your ego. You will know you are worth far more than the basic standards of living. You will realize your worth.
Once you can see more clearly without the weight of the world cluttering your mind then you can focus on your dreams and how to make them a reality. You will be able to find your purpose. Peace is another unspoken need we all have. So find your peace and once you find it make sure to hold on to it because it is a true gift to have peace. #MondayMotivation


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