Wishful Wednesday

My wish this Wednesday is for everyone to get charity. We walk around in life with blinders on. Only focusing on things we are used to or believing in what we wish for instead of the truth. For example, we may hang around someone who is terrible for us or treats us badly, but we keep them around because we know they can do better. At least we hope so. But when it comes down to it, we should pay attention to if they choose to change. If not, we need to remove them instead of hoping for a miracle.

Another example of how we must have clarity is being clear on who we are as a person. Some go through their entire life and never discover themselves. We need to do soul-searching and be definite on who we are and what we want and require. Only then will you discover what we want and be clear on how to get it. Thus leading us to our happiness. 

But I hope not only that you find clarity with these two things, but I hope we can see the world around us and see the truth. Everyone always says, “stay woke”. Well, I’m staying it too. Pay attention. It can make all the difference in the world. So, once again my Wednesday Wish is for you to have clarity in your relationships, your business, in your environment, and within yourself. It will change everything for the better


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