Last week I spoke of joy and happiness. To be joyful and happy, I believe you need love. Love is an unspoken need. You need and want to be in love and to be loved. Every kind of love. Friend love, family love, and romantic love. Even more important is self-love. This is where love really starts. It all begins with you. You have to be open to being loved without measure. Love can be a drug or it can be a healer. If you mend your heart then you are already off to a great start of becoming happy and full of joy. But always remember that inside love is just as important as outside love. Matter of fact if the love you feel for yourself isn’t as strong as the person on the outside is giving you, then you will never understand how powerful true love is. Sacrifice is a part of that love. Sacrifice is one of the purest parts of love.  Compromise is also one of the important parts of love. Compromise with compassion and love someone the way you always wish someone would do for you. It must be equal though. You must take as much as you give to keep yourself balanced in said love. This included what you give yourself. Again love starts with you. It has to start in your heart first before it can be true and have a long life. So love true, love pure, and love without a doubt.


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