Lessons You Learn

During these 41 yrs I’ve been on this planet I’ve been faced with a great deal. Life could be better but it could also be worse. I’ve tried to take the good with the bad and keep going. But there are times that I feel like falling to my knees and throwing up both hands. But then for some reason, I’ve been able to pick myself up, dust off, and put on my thinking cap. An idea or a solution pops in my head and I work it from there. Loathing in my sorrow never sits well with me. Felling helpless never feels good so my brain goes on overload until I figure something out. I hope my daughters get this trait from me. That way I know that even though they may need my help that they will be ok. I truly hope everyone can find their own solutions and keep fighting as well. Yeah everyone needs distressing. Just a moment to scream if need be and depress. But then you have to pick yourself up, dust off, and get to grinding. There is no room for you to stay on the ground. So we have to reposition ourselves. So even when your journey takes you to the unknown and you don’t see the light, get up. You got this!


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