This Journey

The journey to find my purpose has been an interesting one. Throughout my life, I knew that God had a purpose for me just like everyone else but I wasn’t sure what made me special. Right before I hit forty I started trying to piece it together again. I knew my thought was always running so I figured if I could get it down on paper that it would be a good start. I really think writing is good for my spirit. Plus I have tons of stories to tell. I wasn’t sure how I was going to get started but one day I saw my cousin’s blog so I thought why not. Then I thought what do people need but seldom have. Motivation and encouragement. So I started my blog last August. Still not knowing how little ole me would move and inspire I just prayed that if I could help just one that I’ve done my job. However, I’m starting to see that my blogging journey is meant for a much bigger purpose. Still not knowing if I can make a difference in this world I still get up every day wondering what my next step is. I decided to challenge myself even more and to do a 30-day blog challenge for January. When I say it’s been hard. Mostly in the sense that I’ve had to challenge myself to keep a positive mindset even on hard days. Plus keeping the discipline up to write every day. But I can officially say I’ve done it. Today is actually day 31. When I say I am proud of myself. It started with me believing that I could though. Which is what I’ve been trying to get everyone to realize. Setting a goal for yourself, believing you can, not giving up on yourself, and seeing it all the way to the end. I’ve shown myself that I can do all of the above. The sky is the limit. And if I can do it then you can reach your goals as well. So what will be your self-challenge? Believe in yourself and get started. Keep going once you do get started and see it through to the end. You will be happier when you see it through. Keep going.


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