Your perception in life will determine how a lot in your life will play out. Be it negative, positive, or neutral the way you view your everyday life can determine how successful you are and how good your relationships with others are. The only perception you have control over is your own so why would you not want it to be a positive one.
There is no doubt that life is filled with negative and positive moments bit your reaction to said moments shows what kind of person you are. When trouble arises do you look at it and say this is impossible? Or do you look at the issue at hand and then focus on how to fix it or find a solution? Just by doing that you should be able to see how one will result in success or failure. Negativity can kill any positive outcomes in your life. So if your perception leans toward the pessimistic side then you’ve already made success obsolete. We must keep an open mind and always believe in a solution and purpose in our lives. Doing this will make prosperity obtainable.


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