One of the hardest things for some people to do is to start over. It required you to realize that what you are currently doing is not working, you have to come up with a game plan to start again, and more than likely it will take you out of your comfort zone.
The realization that your current situation is not what’s best for you is usually obvious even when you don’t want to admit it. The hard part I think it is admitting that you got it wrong in the first place. Pride sometimes takes over and we would like to think we are above mistakes.
Thinking of a game plan that you are flexible to is also a difficulty in some way cause it involves stepping out of your comfort zone. Which really isn’t that comfortable because if it was you wouldn’t have to start over. So you mine as well get to stepping out of that zone and get to a better place.
Striving to improve yourself is always a good thing. So keep a positive mindset and focus on your come up. You’ll be happy you did in the end.


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