Listen To Self

In this world, there are a lot of opinions on how we as people should be. Social media plays a big part in this. Commercials also display expectations of society. They both make you feel if your not a certain size, class, race, etc. As hard as it is to not fold under the pressure of society’s expectations, you should always be comfortable and confident being yourself. They show petite or size 6 models, as the “normal”. But if you are a bigger girl, you are just as beautiful and important. As a 41-year-old black female, growing up I didn’t see a lot of representation of women that looked like me when I was growing up. However, I’ve realized that it didn’t make me less important. You must always remember that you know what makes you comfortable. You know what feels right for you. Just because you are not as cookie-cutter as others, does not mean something is wrong with you. If our maker wanted us all the same then we would have been made that way. So be proud in your skin. Be your amazing self. If you feel the need to make yourself better it should be because of your own heartfelt decision. Not what someone else has put in your head. So hold your head up and be happy with being you.


2 thoughts on “Listen To Self”

  1. Yes, we all have our own unique paths to take, and we’re who we are for a reason. Good or bad, the events that are happening to us are key in taking us to where we need to go. As long as we maintain a positive view and keep listening to ourselves, very little can go wrong, even if the external world falls apart. Thanks for this post!

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