Faith In Self

As a mom, I’ve seen how doubt can crush your spirit. I’ve been blessed with two daughters. Both are teenagers. Thirteen and seventeen. I can’t tell you how many times over been their cheerleader. But it breaks my heart when I see that they lose faith in themselves. I try to keep boosting them up. I so wish they could believe in there selves more. They are stronger than they give themselves credit for. That a lot of us though. We don’t believe in ourselves the way we should. We more often than not see the strength in others that we can not see in ourselves. For some reason, we have a broader vision for others. We can see great possibilities for them. But one person is not more able than the next. If you can see them doing amazing things then we should be able to see ourselves achieving greatness too. We just have to believe in ourselves. True, somethings take more work for others but everything that the next person can do, we also can accomplish. But again believing is half the battle. You have to be able to envision yourself succeeding before you actually do. Maybe if the whole picture overwhelms you then set up steps you can take if a task is big. But anything is possible. I know with my kids they will have something to accomplish but the big picture scares them into believing that it’s too much to handle. However, if they take a step back, breathe and reboot then they realize that the task is not so bad. So with whatever you do try not to let the initial start overwhelm you. You may have to start out slow but as long as you start and keep going, you can do great things.


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