Build Your Team Right

We come in contact with a vast amount of people in any given situation. In doing so we potentially meet our future best friends, soul mate, or next enemy. You just really never know what an encounter can bring. Within the beings that you decide to have stick around it is very important that you pick people that can stand the test of time. Also that their character is one that will have a positive effect on your life. You should also hope that you can be the same to them. Over time what you value in a friend may change causing the relationship to dissolve and that’s ok if that’s what’s best for you. But no matter how long your relationship is meant to make sure that it is genuine on both sides. Who you allow in your space will share the same energy as you. Which makes it very important that you two should be real for each other. This can determine how your life moves. Never take more than you are willing to give. Every relationship whether it’s romantic, platonic, or family, can shape the person you are to be. And vice versa. Plus knowing that you have someone down for you makes this life sweeter. Be someone’s rock cause you never know one day they might be your boulder. Keep good energy around you and in return be their positive energy. True friendship is a blessing.


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