Live As If…..

Do you know when you watch a movie, especially like a romantic comedy or a feel-good movie, and you see the characters. It always seems to be one that has a good heart that you hope will win in the end. That character is usually one of the main characters. They almost ways a sweetheart but they usually have some kind of problem they are trying to figure out. So we watch them go on this journey. It’s never easy for them and they usually have a scene where they are in disbelief. You watch and just think oh they don’t deserve that. Then we watch on the edge of our seats waiting to see how they will fix what has been wronged. We cheer for them and look attentively at their story. Just when you think they are going to give up they come out the gate with confidence, they figure out exactly who they are and figure out the next step to their story. As they do that we think hey I knew you could do it.
So why not live your life like that. Look over your life and realize that you are a good person that’s doing the best you can. When a problem comes along try being your own cheerleader and tell yourself that you can and will get through what comes your way. Don’t get me wrong having friends that will be your cheerleader is great but to have your own back is priceless. Also, live where when you reach your dreams that everyone around you will cheer for you. To do that you need to be a genuinely good person at heart. Don’t step on anyone on your way up. You never know which way life will take you and if you will run across the same people again. So be true to yourself, never give up and treat everyone with respect. That way during your movie called life you will always get to your dreams, have respect from others, and have no regrets.


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