Keep Pushing

I write a lot about staying motivated and finding yourself. Some of you might think that this is second nature to me. But please believe me when I say it took me a long time to see my worth and believe in myself. When I was younger especially when I was in my tweens and teenage years I felt invisible at times. I truly wasn’t even sure if I was even important enough to even remember. That goes for people in general but also my family. Kind of weird I know. It seems crazy to even to me as I look back on it. How could I have thought so little of myself? Even in my 20s I still never really seen my worth. I wrote back then as well but I stopped because I didn’t think that I would get anywhere with it. It didn’t help that I was super quiet and shy. Which I think had to do with how I felt about myself.
All this being said it truly took me a lot of soul searching to realize how important I am. Not arrogantly but on a level of there is only one me. I was important enough to be created. Also that I was created with a purpose. Which I truly believe is centered around my voice in writing. A voice that I’m still working on but I’m finding along the way. The hard part was just to start. Some may think writing can’t be that hard however when you are putting your soul into it and you want to help others you feel like you are obligated to do great. Don’t get me wrong I know greatness will come but if you never start then it will never come.
All this being said, I must say the lesson today is that you have to start or you will never get to where you want to be. To do that you have to believe that you are enough and your purpose is really. Again everyone jas purpose. It takes you a while to find it but never stop soul searching. You will find yourself and your purpose as long as you don’t give up. And yes beginnings are hard but you must start and keep going or your dreams will never come true. Just think if that shy, quiet, self-doubting kid had given up on herself you would not be reading this now. So keep pushing. You got this.


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