Know Who You Are

Sitting here reflecting on the past and hoping for new beginnings. 2020 hit everyone in a way that was not expected by any means. But hopefully, everyone learned more about themselves. When difficult times come we all have a choice whether to give up or to learn and improve. Even if the only thing you learn is how to react and learn yourself. That is the best thing you can learn is yourself. Once you take the time out to figure out yourself then you can truly follow your dreams and be happy.
I know a lot of people that just put their heads down and just try to get through this life. They never really figure out who they are or what they want. Somehow this seems like a waste of breath to me. How can you never ask yourself who am I? Who what do I want out of life? Then once you figure that put then why would you not go after your dreams and what makes you at peace. As I’ve said before everyone has a purpose. So go find yours. But once again you can not find your purpose if you don’t know yourself. Invest time in really getting to know yourself and what makes you smile from ear to ear and keeps your heart full. Anything else I believe is disrespecting whatever higher power that you believe in. You have a purpose and be important enough to yourself to invest in knowing yourself. In doing that you will find your purpose and life will be sweeter.


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