I Must Leave You Here

I dreamed of you last night. I dreamed I had to let you go. I couldn’t take you where I was about to go. I know we have been together for a long time now. I meet you when I was about 5. You went with me to school everyday. Sometimes you were the only friend I had. You were with me when I was at home too. You’ve looked over me like a watch dog for over 30 years. You were there in every relation and even when my children were born. Even at night when I’ve been trying to sleep you we’re still there. I never really understood why you were around me for so long. Thought you would have left a long time ago.. But this is where we must part ways. I know this will be hard for you. It may even hurt you but its something that I must do. I have to travel to unknown places and experience different things I’ve never done before. If I take you then you’ll just be in the way. A distraction if you you would. Plus I’ve been carrying you for a while. But I have to put you down here and keep going to my new destination. So I bid you adieu.

To: self doubt

Signed: Unapologetically Keysha


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