Reconciliation and Forgiveness

So last week I watch the “Fresh Prince of Bel-air Reunion. Like I loved this show growing up and still watch the reruns. I always wondered however what happened to the OG aunt Viv. She was my favorite aunt Viv. As most heard Will Smith and Janet Hubert(OG aunt Viv) had a feud. It was shown in the reunion show that they had reconciled after a 27-year-old feud. They took the time to sit down to discuss what happened and try to figure out each other’s side of the story. Also a few days later Will did a “Red Table talk” and went in deeper into the hurt that Janet felt and acknowledged his actions that caused her so much pain.
While I was so pleased to see both shows turn out in a positive light I couldn’t help but wonder why did it take so long? It seems like their lives, at least Janet’s, would have been a lot better if they had only had this conversation decades ago. It took them decades to heal a wound 30 years old.
I encourage you not to wait that long. Wounds as such could kill you inside. Hash out any disagreements or issues so you can be at peace with others and yourself.
To reconcile you must start with forgiveness. A lot of people have a problem with forgiveness because they think it only lets the other person off and makes them feel week. However, that can’t be further from the truth. Forgiving someone takes a lot of strength. You must also realize that forgiving someone takes the weight off of you. Forgiveness is good for your soul. Make no mistake, just because you forgive someone doesn’t mean that you allow them to betray or hurt you again. You must forgive, learn from it and then do what is best for yourself.
This also goes for forgiving yourself. Nobody is perfect so don’t torture yourself for not being perfect. A lot of people torture themselves over their own mistakes. Thus, never giving themselves a second chance to be great. That is one of the most horrific things that you can do to yourselves. Never give up on yourself. So you must give yourself a chance to be great even if you mess up as well.
So for your peace of mind and calm spirit have forgiveness in your heart for everyone, even yourself. Reconcile if any way possible to have a better understanding and learn how to do better. Doing this will allow you to go through your life with more joy and understanding.


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