The Strength of Me

I must admit that the last couple of months have been really tough for me. Most don’t know that I have fibromyalgia which makes it very difficult in everyday life. But even more so because in October I was in a car wreck where I was rear-ended. This has affected me greatly in the sense that I sustained injuries to my neck, shoulder, and back. Also, it has put a great strain on me financially being the fact that my car was totaled so I had to get another. Also, I’ve been needed a lot of extra medical care with doctors, physical therapists, etc. It has all been greatly overwhelming. At times I feel like I’m going to break down physically and emotionally. However, I refuse to give up even on the days where I’m at my lowest. Constant pain can put a dent in your positive outlook. Your emotional state is tested to the max. I here to tell you. Sometimes I’m not sure how I’m still going but I am. Something inside me just keeps saying that things have to get better. Even when life is kicking my butt, there is still something telling me to keep going. Determined or stubborn I’m not sure which I am but I do know that either way I have to keep fighting. Crazy as it sounds I know these struggles are leading me down a much bigger path. I just have to make it there. Greatness has never been easy to achieve so I will fight this battle. My testimony through it all will hopefully inspire others to keep going.

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