For the past month, it just seems like my burdens have been heavy. A lot of events or situations have happened that have me shaking my head in disbelief or/and frustration.  I would say it seems kind of odd that once I decide to follow my dreams that everything goes haywire. But, I’m not surprised. With every good there is bad and with every bad there is good. I’ve always been a person of completion so when something crazy happens I’m always trying to figure out why. Even though my spidey sense still is on alert, I’ve come to realize that everything will not make sense all the time. You just have to keep following your heart and what you know is right. One day the explanation may make itself clear but until then you have to keep pushing. If you allow it to stop you then you will not get to the destination that you’ve had planned for yourself. While you travel through this thing called life there will always be obstacles. You may have to detour or even slow down. But under no circumstances should you quit. You have to keep going. Only then will you find your happiness. 


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