Have you discovered yourself yet? That is one of life’s most amazing discoveries. When you find yourself it’s like finding precious stones. Many people unfortunately go through their whole life without finding their true selves. Many don’t even try. They just go through life trying to meet the expectations of others. Or either they just try to get by day by day never realizing how important they are. You have to find the positive things within yourself. I want to thank God for making me me. Just like you I have flaws and some days I wake up unsure of myself. But I remind myself that I have purpose. Figuring out and finding myself will lead to my purpose. Also everything I’ve been through has molded me into the person I am. Without that I would not be ready or able to carry out my destiny. So I keep pushing on. Even on those days I wake up sad or hurt I keep getting up. Everyday I get up and I don’t let depression or self doubt stop me. For that day could be the day that I may motivate or inspire others. Everyday I get up means more time I spend in my purpose. Besides you never know who’s watching. You never know how you’re very presence may change others for the better or how much it means to them. Your self discovery may be the very thing that helps someone else get out of bed everyday. Finding yourself could lead you on a path to finding others just like yourself. You are meant for greatness. Finding yourself leads to your destiny. Finding you destiny leads to your greatest. So go find your greatness.


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