Sometimes I feel like I’m an expert on a broken heart. I’ve had one so many times that I believe sometimes that I was destined to be single. But not only in spousal relationships but also relationships with friends and family members. For a long time, I just believed that I didn’t deserve to be treated with love and respect. However, now I know I deserve it all. Knowing that I’ve concluded that I have chosen the wrong person more than once. Not that the other individual was a bad or terrible person necessarily. They were just not the ones for me. Perhaps even they were just not in touch with themselves.
We blame ourselves most of the time when someone doesn’t love us. But have you ever thought maybe just maybe that it’s the only way they know how to love? Your scale of love may be greater than theirs. Perhaps the love they give out is all they are capable of. Others may hurt you because that is all they know. Also, some people hurt you cause they can’t see you. All they see is from their point of view. They can not see your hurt or disappointment. Either way, you deserve more. You deserve to feel loved in a way where you don’t have to question it. Love doesn’t hurt you especially continuously. We sometimes get in these relationships and because you love the other person so much you will allow them to hurt you and mistreat you because you are afraid to lose them or you feel like that’s all you deserve. That is not true. Again you deserve to be loved where you don’t question. Love does not make you cry from sadness. Love doesn’t make you question yourself if you’re worthy. Now don’t get me wrong. No one is perfect thus people make mistakes at times. Thus you or your partner may mess up in a relationship but if it becomes an everyday problem or continuous neglect then that’s when it’s time to remove yourself.
So to conclude you must love yourself enough to know when love is pure. You must also realize that you deserve love. The kind that makes you smile from ear to ear when you think of the other person. Of course, you will go through hard times but you have to ask yourself does that person make it easier or more difficult to get through whatever comes your way? Do they bring you positivity or pain? These questions can point you in the right direction.
So if you have found love then you are blessed. If you haven’t then keep searching. Never settle for just a warm body. Find the love you deserve.


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