Today’s Birthday Thoughts

So today I turned 41. I have to say I really don’t feel any different physically. However mentally I feel more emotionally and mentally sound. I still don’t have all the answers and I’m still finding. But I feel like I’m starting to get on the right path. I’ve been through a lot these 41 years. However, I’m still here to tell my story so I will tell it. The good and the bad parts made me who I am today. So I will embrace it all. I’ve learned from my experience and I will continue through this life praying I see the whole picture. I will try not to take anything for granted and try to find my purpose in each day. I will do my best to spread positivity and love. Each day will not be easy but I will keep going. I’m stubborn like that…lol. Even when times get hard and I want to break down, I hope is that I will be reminded why I fight so hard. I will continue to improve myself. I will tell my story and pray that it will inspire and motivate others through this thing called life. So hello Chapter 41. I’m ready for you.


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