I must admit that if most of you knew exactly what I deal with or better yet if you had my life, you would have checked out long ago. I give snippets of my life on Facebook or if someone cares enough to ask but for the most part I try to keep it to myself. I don’t want to seem needy or weak. But I’ve realized that my life may be a testimony that people will learn from or my greatest wish in that it become inspiration. In a nut shell I’m a single mom of two teenage daughters. No assistance given from the state or the other parties involved. I also suffer from fibromyalgia. This illness does its best to try to demise my life. It ended the life I once had and inserted itself in everything I do. Some may think I’m exaggerating but no. I wish I was. I’m also a pharmacy tech at a local hospital.  Now these three things separately are hard but, when you put them together is overwhelming.  I’m telling you all of that to say this…..I refuse to let it stop me from finding myself….to cave in from stress or to give up on any of the above. I come from a very stubborn family…lol. We keep pushing cause that’s how we were raised and thats all we know. You can’t allow things to crush you. Yes I get down. Some days I have no idea of my next step. Someday with my kids I have no idea how or what we are going to eat. Some days the pain from my fibromyalgia makes me wish quite frankly that I would have stayed sleep. I go to work everyday in pain. But again I’m stubborn and I know I have babies(teenagers….but still my babies) to take care of. Cause if I don’t do it for us no one else will. Even here lately I’ve been challenging myself to be great in the middle of this storm of my life. Its absolutely excruciating physically, mentally and emotionally. But again I can not allow the negative aspects to ruin my life. I also have two beautiful daughters looking at me for an example of how to be strong and how to never give up so with that i have to keep going. I will not except anything less from myself to than to keep going even when I have tears in my eyes. I’ve broken down many times but I get back up. So I say this to you. You will get knocked down in life but you owe it to yourself to get your butt off that ground and stand back up. We got this as long as we keep going.


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