I don’t believe that anyone sets out to be a hero. You just get up one day and don’t give up. You keep pushing on and stay positive in everything you do. Keep grinding until you achieve the glorious goals that you’ve set for yourself. Don’t complain or give less than your whole self. Be true to yourself, your goals, and your destiny. When you achieve a goal make another one and another one. Know that you can always learn more….do more. When you climbing up an unfamiliar mountain throw down a rope to others like you to show them the way. Remember where you came from but always look forward. You might not know that what you do out of grace and giving will make you a hero. But to someone one day you will be. Just keep inspiring, keep fighting and keep your heart open. If you do this then one day someone will look at you one day and tell you to thank you for leading the way. I promise you will thank yourself as well.


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