Never Too Late

So on my lovely Sunday, I watched romantic comedy movies for most of the day. In doing so it has me wondering is love like that possible? I must admit it made me a little sad. Unfortunately, I haven’t found such a love yet. At least I don’t believe so.. yes I’ve been in love before but, never at the level, the movies seem to make it look. Also, I don’t believe that the person loved me the same way. Someone once said everyone does not love the same. That everyone isn’t capable of loving as you may. But if such things as soulmates exist then your soulmate would love you the way you need to be loved. Right? So if someone doesn’t love you the way you need and deserve that that person is not your soulmate. That your soulmate is still out there. For me and my thoughts, I do believe in soulmates. I love the thought of loving and being loved so much that the very thought of not being together would never cross our minds. I believe that is true love. An unshakable bond no matter what. Your soulmate goes along with your destiny. It’s up to you to follow your heart in both. A lot of people, I believe may be scared of your dreams. Which causes them to lose out on their destiny or even maybe their soulmate. It’s taking me a long time to figure that out but now with a clear mind and a sound heart, I know that this is what I have to do. I truly hope you’ve found yours. But if not and you are reading this then it’s not too late. It’s never too late for true love.


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