The Vibes Around You

I must say that it’s true, that how you grow up and what you grew up around can affect the type of person you are going to become. People in your life may mold you but the one person that has the most effect on you is yourself. You are end game. You have the final say in your life whether you know it or not. Whatever you want yourself to be, you can be. It’s all up to you and how much you are willing to fight for yourself. Of course, different people go through different things. Some worse than the next but you can still have the final say on how to react and how much you choose to fight to get through hard times. Self-doubt can waiver your actions but once you realize that everyone was born with the ability to be great then the battle to greatness seems a lot easier. Now there will always be someone that may drag you down. Unfortunately, they may be disguised as a friend or family member. Sometimes your family can be the very ones to discourage you from doing something different than the norm or what they are used to. This is one way that can affect who or what you become. You have to learn to take the positive and flip the negative to be your fuel to show yourself into greatness. You must also take yourself away from the negativity. Again you have the finally say.


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