Struggle And Uncertainty

I must admit that life has been kicking my butt lately. Fibromyalgia plus a car wreck I was in have sent me down a painful path as of late. Add that with two sick kids and one of them had dental surgery. My financial stability is none existent. All that being said I still feel like I have something greater than im supposed to be doing. A purpose if you will. All these roadblocks are trying to hinder me and I’m not going to lie, the stress is overwhelming. But I still have in the back of my head that im meant for more. I think this is why im stubborn at times. I may fall apart and cry it out. But then I get up and try to cook up a solution. Yeah, that little voice in the back of my head that tells me im meant for greatness I just can’t ignore. Even when everything around me crashes and there is no one around to help me pick up the pieces somehow I won’t stop believing. I may have to crawl or hobble on one leg but im still moving.All this being said do you keep that positive motivating voice alive? Do you hear it amd keep going? Or do you try to muffle it and keep going on just trying to get through a day? I hope you listen to the light. I pray that you realize how special you are that way you will never give up on your light. Amazing things are waiting for you on the other side of the struggle. I believe that with all my heart so we must keep going so we can share our light with the world. Unfortunately, the are some that will never listen to the light in themselves and live life in regret. Always unsure of their greatness. I’m used to feeling regret myself but I realized that as long as I have breath that I can turn things around. So I started listening to the positive message in my head. Negative thoughts may also try to counteract the positive ones but we have to realize that everything you can dream of you deserve. So please keep moving toward your greatness even when there is no one else who believes. You owe it to yourself to be your best and to go after your dreams. Your light is blinding. Don’t dull it down because of fear or uncertainty. Shine on.


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