One Step At A Time

When you think of where you are and where you wanna be it will probably scare you. But you must not let it overwhelm you. Taking giant steps toward your goal is good but it’s not for everyone. To start we may need to just start steady. Rushing is never comfortable but you still need to start now. To be fair the pace will hardly ever stay the same on your journey. Sometimes you may be up and running. Other days may be a stroll. Keep going. You may get to several points where you feel like you are dangling through a tight rope. You can get across it as long as you focus. One day you are going to have to jump and let yourself fly. But to get to that you have to keep on this journey through the mountains, the valley, the unpaved roads, and even through paths that have not been traveled. Everyone has their journey and no one has the same path. But your path is yours. No one else. It’s so it’s up to you to travel through it. You may have a detour. Just make sure that you don’t stop at the detour. Some of us have been on our path but we hit a detour. The detour is kind of nice so we linger in it and sell ourselves short. We must take the detour for what it is and keep going down our journey. The end will be worth it. You are worth it. You are worth everything you can dream of and more so start your journey to what makes you happy. Take the journey that you were born for. Start and keep going.


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