Who Are You Is The Question

My wish for you today is for you to find your voice. I want you to find yourself. To know who you are is so important. Know your likes, dislikes, and what you stand for. There is nothing better than to know yourself. We more than not have a hard time finding ourselves. Some of us prefer to create ourselves. Meaning sometimes you have to ask yourself who you want to be and work towards that. Even in that, you find yourself cause if it’s not in you you would find it important to strive for. Either way, it’s not always an easy process so to finally know is an awesome feeling. It is also one of the keys to true happiness. Once you find your voice I believe it makes you stronger emotionally and mentally. Therefore you will be more confident about going after what you want amd to deserve. It’s less likely for someone to talk you into something that just isn’t you as well. All in all, once you figure out who you are then you are closer to happiness and joy.


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