You Are Bigger Than The Parts You Play

We all go through life with different titles. Mother, father, sister, brother. Even our job titles. We all get caught up in these roles or parts if you will. Somehow we let it define our lives. But is that the right thing to do? We shouldn’t limit ourselves to merely what we do for work or what are we in the relationship with others around us. If you take a quick glance at my life you would probably say she’s a single mom and a pharmacy technician. She is also the oldest of her mom’s three kids. But these things don’t define me. They are apart of me but this isn’t necessarily who I am. We are often much bigger than the parts we play in life. Who we are may help with the roles we play but it is never defined by them. For example, I’m strong which is why being a single mom is hard but not devastating. Most times the person that you truly are is much bigger than the roles we play. That’s why it’s important not to get stuck in the role play. That way you won’t limit yourself. People that think outside of the box know who they truly are and tend not to limit themselves in a specific role. For example, in college, they know that having one major isn’t realistic because who they are will not fulfill their heart. You may also have a lot of hobbies. I believe this keeps them true to themselves.
Restricting yourself isn’t far to you. Especially if you know what could make you happy. You must go after every positive heartfelt passion you have. Chances are your destiny goes along with the many things you enjoy doing so you shouldn’t limit yourself.
So you can go ahead and play your roles but remember that it doesn’t have to define who you are. Don’t be scared to go outside the box that others have created for you.


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