What We Think We Become

Your mind is a very powerful tool. Our brains work even faster than we can imagine and affect more than we know. Our thought may even affect our bodily functions. “As you think, so shall you become.”-Bruce Lee. What you think about yourself can determine how happy or successful you can be. When you try to stay motivated and have confidence in yourself no matter the circumstances this breeds success in most cases I believe. Negative thoughts about yourself will never breed happiness.
Some examples of this could be like if you feel that you are dumb then you will never try to be anything else therefore you will not try to learn. This stunts your mental growth. But if you believe in yourself even if you have a learning disability etc you are still capable of being well educated.
Some don’t think your thoughts can be that strong but I’m a prime example of just that. When I was younger, in my teens and twenties, I didn’t have a lot of positive things that I saw about myself. This caused a lot of anxiety and depression especially depression. I thought mot, therefore, I was not. I found out not that long ago that more positive thoughts will increase your overall life
Also, negative thoughts especially about yourself can cause physical sickness especially stomach problems or body pain.
We must find a way to get into a better headspace or the negative thoughts will consume our mind, body, and soul. Something I have personally tried would be
1) motivational post it’s on my bedroom mirror
2) musical inspiration
3) Only surrounding myself with others that can see my potential or/with a positive mindset
4) Writing/journaling
5)Switching a negative to a positive(trying to say like I don’t have money for that. Instead, say when I get the money or how can I obtain what I need/want
I hope some of my ideas will help you if your mind sways to the negative. I hope you try these with a positive outcome.
Now I know saying be positive or easier said than done but we must try to step out of negative think so we can live to our fullest potential.


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