No Doubt

Everyone is born with a purpose. Whether you believe it or not you have a purpose. But we have free will whether we accomplish it or not. With any purpose, there will be obstacles that will stand in the way. You have to figure out how to demolish the obstacles or figure out how to go around them. No small feat I’m sure. Unfortunately, there are a lot of lost purposes from people that give up too soon. They focus on the obstacle and forget about the big picture. The purpose itself is major. Life-changing even. One will never know how important their purpose is until they strive for it. More than likely it will take work and discipline to get to your mission. There will be struggles, uncertainties and you will probably doubt your decisions. But you have to stay strong and remember what your end game is. You will run into naysayers that will try to sway you from your greatness. Nevertheless, you must push on. No one will truly be able to comprehend your plan or your ability other than yourself. Your confidence and faith must be strong to get you through. The ability to see the big picture and the steps it will take to get there is key. So when someone tried to down your plan or persuade you not to follow your dream, you will be so focused that their negative words will not sway you. You will be able to find your purpose, go after it, and not be stopped.


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