It Starts With You

With this new year just getting started good, I hope everyone is starting in a positive light. That being said when you think of all the things you hope for the new year I hope you consider yourself. If you start with that positive light from the inside then it will shine outward onto everything else in your life. The first step to that I believe is self-love.
Self-love is key to everything else in your life being beautiful and positive. you to look deep inside and realize that you are worth all the love you give to others. A lot of times in life we give our all to everyone around us that we forget how important it is to love ourselves. We must love, protect, provide and cherish ourselves like we do everyone else we hold dear. The being of love comes within so we have to start with ourselves.
That being said you have to “Eat like you love yourself. Move like you love yourself. Speak like you love yourself. Act like your love yourself. Love yourself.” Your whole mindset has to flow in such a way that you put self-care and love at the top of your list.
Yes, haters will try to make this seem like a bad thing that you put yourself as a priority. But, I’m here to tell you that this is so far from the truth. You have to pour into yourself or you will not be able to help or love anyone else correctly. Also, it sets a baseline on how others treat you. You set the example for others on what you deserve.
Now I know this can be hard. There were many years that I didn’t have the confidence and love for myself that was necessary for me to be happy and healthy. Looking back I can see how that held me back from getting to truly know myself and go after dreams but now it’s on. So please know how special you are. Love yourself without pause. When you do this the sky is the limit and beyond.


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