Don’t Miss Out On Your Destiny

A lot of us, me included, have felt unsure of what they are meant to do with this life. But be as it may all of us have a purpose and a destiny that we are here to live out.
Unfortunately a great many people allow the past and maybe even present circumstances to hinder them for going after their dreams. Even what they think maybe a generational curse some may say. For example if nobody in your family has ever went to college, you may feel like you will not me able to. Or if you’re family has a history of poverty you may never think that you can be stable and live in abundance.
I’m here to tell you that all the above couldn’t be further from the truth. You cam decide your future. It has a lot to do with your mindset. You have to think “yes I can.” Even if the road to your destiny seems rocky or has twist and turns, as long as you keep going no one can stop you but you. No matter what you’ve been through and no matter where or what you come from, you can be great as T.D. Jakes says “When you hold on to your history you do it at the expense of your destiny.” So let that past go. Stop looking I’m the rear view. You’re not going that way. Look ahead and your destiny and dreams are yours.

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