Don’t Renouce Just Revise

With 2020 coming to a close, everyone is excited that maybe the new year will take all the negativity that 2020 has brought with it and 2021 will be a bright new light. While I can agree that this year has been one big disaster after the next, I must admit that it hasn’t all been bad. I’ve learned a lot about myself. I’ve also learned that you shouldn’t let the negativity and evil around you completely send you down a tunnel of despair. You can not stop your life or sway from your hopes and dreams. Also while I do pray that 2021 will heal the world, we shouldn’t wait for a certain time, year, or circumstance to determine how we move about our life. True there are things through life that may come and knock us off our game or slow the progress down. But, it should never stop us. We should always have a backup plan and do what’s right for us.
Nobody could’ve ever predicted what 2020 had to bring but, even when the unexpected hits we can decide to let it take over our lives or we can maneuver around it. Never cancel your plans or give up on your dreams. Simply reschedule or adjust them to your new circumstances. Your goals may take a little longer. You may have to go down a path you didn’t expect, but as long as you end up at your goal….your dream then you have still won.
So keep striving. Keep your dreams and goals alive. Just because your journey isn’t what you expected doesn’t mean you stop in your tracks. You adjust or revamp your life plan and you keep moving. The only person or thing that can stop you and your dreams is you. Keep going.


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