I’m coming to you today to tell you that you have to jump. You have to go for what you want and what you know you deserve. Even me at this moment I am about to jump. I’m terrified of what going to happen but I’m even more terrified of what will happen if I don’t. So with faith in God and myself, I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and going for what I deserve. Even with me writing this now. I use to write poetry in my teens and I always wanted to write books and short stories but I was afraid of what others thought or afraid my work wouldn’t be good enough. Thus I just ignored my heart and put my pen down. Motherhood and work took up a lot of my time later on so I always had an excuse not to follow my dreams. Now, however, feel regret that I never started. So now is the time. Starting this blog was my first step. I had when holding on to so many stories in my head so the moment I started to write again they all began to flow put again. So now it’s time to make that jump. To show the world what I have.  To become the author I was always meant to be. To inspire and to tell the world the stories that have been trapped in my head. This is going way out of my comfort zone but it’s time to show myself and the world what I can do. It’s time to live my destiny.


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