I’ve always had a busy mind. I’m constantly thinking or analyzing something. I’ve second-guessed myself it seems like my whole life. I regret a lot of missed opportunities because of it. Which makes my mind even busier wonder what if. My anxiety used to mess with me so bad because I would think of things I wanted to do then picture myself failing. or I would over analyze it and talk myself out of a lot of things. My mind was filled with chaos and clutter. Now I know it’s my truth and my testimony. Be it as it may, I now know I have to change that about myself. While I still battle with the clutter it’s more of how to start things I should have done long ago. They say it’s never too late so I hoping that’s the case with me. It’s crazy though cause it seems like after I turned forty my brain began to shift. I use to be consumed with what the world thought of me. Now I’m more concerned about how I view myself. That was the beginning of the shift. I’d have a whole new outlook on life and myself. My dreams are still out there and I’m going to get them.

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