Show Up For You

I’ve been a mom since late 2003. Although I didn’t plan on it I have been a single mom for most of that. I have 2 daughters. That being said there is nothing, absolutely nothing I wouldn’t do for them both. Also, there have been days where I didn’t want to get outta bed let alone do anything like cooking or working but I still got up because I knew they were depending on me to make sure they were okay and taken care of. It’s been rough with a lot of ups and downs. Times I was not sure how we would even eat. But I never gave up. I always figured out a way for my babies. There was no other option but to get what they needed and to make sure they always were first. I’m happy to say one turned 18 this year and it’s like while I’m sad she’s not a baby anymore I must say I’m proud cause I’ve raised a great young lady. Her little sister is not far behind her and she is pretty great herself. 

So if I can do that for them and if you’ve done the same for your kids or anyone else that you love then why can we not do it for ourselves? It’s an age-old question. Why when it comes to yourself you are more likely to slack on your care and needs but not for a loved one especially your kids. Every time we went hard for our children then we can go hard for ourselves. Every sacrifice for someone else shows us our strength and the ability we have to do it for ourselves as well. The trials and tribulations we have to go on a journey for ourselves are worth it to receive happiness, peace, and stability. You wanna start that business then let’s go. If it was your kids you tell them to achieve their goal so you can do it for you. You wanna be healthier then get up and do what you need to do. If it was your kids then you would’ve already had them looked at if something was wrong. Stop slacking on you. It’s time for you to show up for yourself.


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