It May Hinder But Never Stop

Today’s motivation is about physical health. I’m not going to lie I have trouble with this one. You go through life and get so busy that you forget about some of the things in life that are important like your physical health. But also for me my physical state became compromised when I started having symptoms of fibromyalgia. My energy and strength became half of what they used to be. Just getting the energy to do “normal things” has become difficult for me. I also used to talk about my condition a lot which also I believe changed my mindset of what I could accomplish now. Almost feeling sorry for myself. This past year however I’ve tried to stop bringing it up so much. Hoping this would bring more positive energy my way. I know even though I endure a lot in a day with feeling like my body is shutting down I still have to keep going. I have to take my vitamins, try to eat right, keep my mind clear, add in some cardio, and at least stretch out my muscle. Sounds like a lot I know. But it is a necessity to keep me in one piece. I have so much more in this life to accomplish and I don’t plan on giving up. So even when I feel like my own body is attacking me I just keep going. I do rest when need. That is also apart of taking care of myself. You have to know when to rest. But then I get up and keep going. Unsure and maybe sometimes exhausted but I’m going. This isn’t to make you feel sorry for me. I want you to know that I’m not doing anything you can’t do yourself also. I know everyone has something that hinders them in their life. But know it doesn’t have to stop you. I heard that If you believe you can achieve. You just have to want it bad enough. I know some people are worse off than me also that may not be able to do as much but if you are doing all you can do then you have done your best and you can be proud of yourself. #MotivationalMonday


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