Wishful Wednesday

My wish this Wednesday is for everyone and I mean everyone to find the kind of love you see in romantic comedies. Started with a “meet-cute” and ending with you two holding hands on your porch sitting in rocking chairs watching the sunset as a cute senior couple. Some may say that’s over the top but anything is possible especially if you believe in love. No one is perfect but you can find that one person that list gets you and loves you despite your flaws. When you find them make sure you give them your heart and spend as much time possible with them cause even though it’s possible it is also precious. Never take your blessings for granted especially love. Unfortunately, there will come a time when you have no control over you two parting ways. But when that happens and you look back over your life with your “soulmate” then you will see how beautiful your life together was. Even if you have a hard time you will always remember that your love endured. Yeah, this is what I wish for you, me… Everyone that really wants to receive love. Love is a beautiful part of life. Don’t miss it.

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