Pure Determination

My 13 yr old daughter has been asking me, for over a year now, to teach her how to knit. Mind you I haven’t done it since I was like 10. So I kept saying ok even though I knew I didn’t know how. But I kept forgetting the supplies. So today she found her a needle and yarn at the Dollar General. Then she came home and looked up how to knit on YouTube. My baby girl jas figured it out on her own. It just made me think of how much determination can get you. She kept to her guns and was so determined that she took it upon herself to get her supplies and figure it out. I wish when we all grew up we could have kept that much determination and positive spirit about ourselves and what we want to accomplish. More often than not when we were kids we all thought we could take over the world. We didn’t worry about naysayers or have self-doubt. You said you wanted something and you may have even thought out a game plan when people asked you what you wanted to do when you grew up. The sheer determination in your eyes inspired everyone you told. How do we get back to this place? Perhaps not losing sight in the first place. Or perhaps when you see a child’s twinkle in their eyes from the joy and pure confidence they have in themselves. Either way, if you have it don’t you ever let it go.


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