Not Everyone Is Meant To Go On Your Journey With You

Today I was thinking that there’s a lot of people that mess up their destiny by not letting go of someone that’s not meant for them or someone whose path doesn’t align with theirs. Just because you love someone and feel like you need them doesn’t mean that they are meant to go with you on the journey to your destiny. Everyone has their journey and sometimes your family and/or loved ones’ journey aligns with yours and that’s great. But if that doesn’t happen you can not sacrifice everything to just have them around. I’ve seen a lot of people in relationships and they wonder why they can’t seem to reach their goals or can’t seem to catch a break. I always wondered why they never thought that maybe I’m not in the place or around the people that I’m supposed to be to get to my next level. Instead, they hold on to that person. Not even thinking that you may be keeping them from their destiny to. It’s hard to think that someone you love is not meant to be with you when you get to your fate. Sometimes you have to do things alone so you can be ready for the purpose. I feel that myself sometimes and yes it’s scary but if that’s what needs to happen for me to reach my greatness then I will do so. Not everyone will understand what you are trying to do either which can be a hindrance. But you can’t let it sway you. Especially when you finally figure out or get a clue to what your purpose is. You have to keep with it. Also, some people may not be at the same level as you. Therefore they are not supposed to arrive at the place of understanding that you are. What’s for you will not be for everyone you care for so you may have to leave them where they are at and go for your destiny. Some will feel guilty about going forward but getting them to the next level is not your job. All you can do is be sure they know you love them and continue your journey.


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