You Don’t Have To Prove Yourself

For most of my life, I’ve tried really hard to be a good person. I believe most people that know me would say so. Of course, I’ve had my days of waking up on the wrong foot but even on those days, I try not to let it show. As I said most people I know would say I good but I’m sure there are some for one reason or another who may not like me or have some reason for thinking I’m not decent.
For these people individuals, all I can do is to remain myself and see if they come around. For the most part, though I don’t worry about their opinions. I’ve learned that you can’t make everyone happy. Also if you know in your heart that you are a good person then it’s not your job to try to convince others that you are. All you can do is be a good person, but don’t waste time to prove it. Going into a never-ending waste of time trying to continuously convince others of your integrity will not benefit you in the end. Mostly it will probably just leave you disappointed because the task is impossible. It is also not far for you. It just steals your joy. Others may not agree with you, but consuming your time on proving yourself to them would be an offense to your integrity as well. So do not stress yourself over someone else opinion. You just keep being the good person you are. You and God knows your heart and that’s all that matters.

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