Matching Energy

This is for those who put so much energy into trying to make others happy. Don’t get me wrong, trying to do for others is not a bad thing. However, you should not spread yourself too thin. You have to be a priority over others because you can not run on empty. You must first take care of yourself therefore you can help others. Also, some people won’t appreciate you no matter how much you do for them. Most people like these are just takers. They often pose as a victim and try to make others feel sorry for them. You must separate yourself from these types of individuals. This is a problem for those who have bug hearts or those who want everyone to like them. But as I previously stated this is a lost cause. Always remember quantity is not better than quality. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals such as yourself that equally give and take from the relationship whether it is romantic, platonic, or family. This way you can help each other and you both can grow.
There are so many individuals that find themselves unhappy because of friendships and relationships that take all their energy but give nothing in return. This is no way to live. You must release yourself from these types of people and situations that may come your way. Go where you’re appreciated and understood. Surround yourself with others that know how to balance and nurture others around them.
Now all this being said, if you feel like you may be one of the unbalanced please understand that you get what you give. You must learn to grow and find a balance to have healthy relationships with others. We must match the energy of the other party or someone will lose themselves.


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