My Story

Since I was a teenager I’ve always had stories in my head. I knew then and I know now that I should have became a writer long ago. I did some writing but nothing consistent. Therefore, my stories are still at bay. I never really knew how to start a story or if anyone would even like them. This of course caused me to procrastinate. But, now in my full adulthood I believe it is time because my thoughts and imagination have never stopped running wild. Even with that being said the first story i have to tell is my own. The most important one is my own. My testimony I believe may help others. Also my stubborn manner may be positive as well cause I don’t believe in quitting. Yes I get down and discouraged but I pick myself up everytime. No matter how tired I am I keep going. This is one of the things in my testimony that I believe will help more people than I can imagine. Honestly I would love to be a famous author but at the same token if helping people get through their day a little easier or uplifting someone to stay motivated and to keep fighting is my only outcome then, I have served my purpose. I will continue to tell my story, my incite and my positive stubborn behavior with anyone willing to read or listen. I also encourage everyone to think about sharing what you have over come. It may save someone’s life and/or make the world a little brighter.


2 thoughts on “My Story”

  1. I understand. I used to have that happened. I wrote books, short stories, poems and essays. I loved it. And then I all dried up and went away. I miss it dearly.
    Remember that it is a special gift to be treasured.

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