My Soul Habitat

I must say that the best vacations I’ve ever had always involves a beach. I always feel at home like I’m meant to be there. Have you ever went somewhere and you just felt like wow I should come here more often. My last beach was last September for my birthday with my family. As soon as i eyed the ocean an undeniable joy filled my body. As soon as we unpacked we were headed for the sand. Beach towel, umbrella, and drinks and I was good for hours. Have you ever just sat down on the sand and closed your eyes? It’s one of my favorite things to do. Eyes closed, take slow deep breathes and just listen to the ocean. That is a therapy for my soul. The beach at night is also calming to me. Walk along the shore. The waves come inland and the back, washing against your feet. With only the moonlight to guide you. Small waves wash seashells onto the land. The sand looks untouched as far as your eyes can see. The soothing, saltwater breeze feels you with a calm that only it can do as you breathe in therapeutic air. This feeling is bliss for me. For I know this is where I should be. My soul habitat.


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