Today I have to start by saying Lord thank you. About 4 days ago I was on IG looking at 2 comedians on live. They have a show where they talk about real-world problems. Without getting into details they were talking about how people that need the most help are usually left out in the cold. I commented that it’s messed up that my kids will be virtually schooling this semester and that the fact that I’m a single mom and still can’t even get help feeding them since they usually get free lunch. Not looking for pity but being engaged in the conversation. Right then God decided to bless me by way of another viewer. She helped me get food for my babies. I was in shock. We could buy out the store or nothing…lol but it allows me to get the food we need for a few days.
That being said I have to tell y’all never to lose faith. My family has had a few big problems lately that literally had my head hurting. But to know there are still good people in the world touched my heart so much. Even more than the financial part she contributed, I was so touched that someone who didn’t know me would still sympathize with my babies and me.
With all that said I challenge you to be the light in someone’s day. Not necessarily with money and/or things but, with compassion, love, and understanding. Be the person that you would need in hard times. You never know what someone is going through. Just because someone says they are ok or has a smile on their face doesn’t mean that nothing is wrong. Be the reason that someone doesn’t lose their faith.


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