My Leap of Faith

My mind has always been on full speed. It never rests. Filled with multiple thoughts of things that are happening in the present, future, and even the past. Different scenarios run like movies in my head. I use to think that it was a burden. I would sike myself out. It made me scared to do a lot of things cause, of course, I would think of the negative outcome. Now I know that my God put them there for a reason. I look at both outcomes now. Not only the negative but also the positive. I mentally make a list of pros and cons to make decisions. I’m still scared if I fail but I would rather fail and try again than have doubts because I never took that leap of faith. Even with me deciding to start writing again is scary for me cause I don’t know how others will respond and/or if the public will like it. Regardless I must do it because I’ve always had a yearning and the what-if in my head. With a brain that runs 24 hours a day with multiple thoughts and questions, I will take it, organize it add love to hopefully inspire and motivate others through life. If I only help a few that is good enough for me. I feel like this is my real purpose. I feel like this is my contribution to humanity. Our world needs as much love and positive motivation it can get❤.


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