What Is The Biggest Lessons I’ve Learned

A question ran across my mind today. What is one of your biggest lessons you’ve learned in life? I have to say that one of them would be to love yourself. No one will love you as you love yourself. You’re the only person that fully knows every thought and every question that you’ve ever had in your mind and heart. The one person that knows what goes on in your brain every day. The multiple questions that you have for your life. People might know you but they don’t know every amazingly confused thought that runs through your head when your mind runs 100 miles per hour. All the questions all you’re in our prayers.
Having said that you loving yourself is one of the purest forms of love. It is also who of the most important forms of love. You need to love yourself through every triumph and every disaster. You are divinely made. There is only one you. That alone makes you unique and special. To realize about yourself begins a love so deep that it is unshakeable.  To know that your higher power made things like the oceans and the Grand Cannon that are breathtaking and then look in the mirror and realize you are breathtaking too. Just wow. Take that in.
Once you realize how amazing you are, even with what you think are flaws, You will love yourself without pause.
Once you love yourself in that way then you can realize what you deserve and how far you can go in life. Once you love yourself you will not put up with foolishness or false love. To love yourself truly will the beginning of a full life. You will still have problems and every day won’t be great but having a strong foundation within yourself guarantees that you will not crumble and you will find peace once again. -K. Sawyer


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